Councillors’ registered interests

All parish councillors are legally required to declare particular specified interests that might be conflicted when considering Council business in their official capacities. In addition, they are required to declare interests at meetings in accordance with their Code of Conduct when business arises that might be affected by those interests. The relevant specified interest declarations that have been made by the current membership can be viewed below:

Cllr. Patricia Scouse15Jan18

Cllr. Robin Shrive 15Jan18

Cllr. Roy Baxter 17Jan18

Cllr. Hilary Bull 15Jan18

Cllr. Justine Chester 20May15

Cllr. Alan Parker 21Sept16

Cllr. Isabel Robson 16May18

Cllr. Martin Rose 1June2018

Cllr. Pamela Wade 20Sept17

Cllr. Shelagh West 17Jan18

Cllr. Oliver Wyeth 15Mar15

The Code of Conduct that parish councillors are required to abide by is one devised by Kettering Borough Council that includes mandatory national provisions and discretionary local ones. The Code was adopted without amendment and can be seen here:

Code of Conduct July 2012